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Much like a helmet or eye protection, mouth guards are an important part of protection for your teeth, lips and jaws while participating in sports.

Fit and type of mouth guard are very important. Mouth guards worn improperly or not designed for braces can actually break braces. Broken brackets can slow down your treatment meaning you are in braces longer. We offer mouth guards specifically designed for braces that are easy to use and will last throughout your entire treatment.

Mouthguards From McElhinney & Breha Orthodontics
Shock Doctor Mouthguards

Shock Doctor Mouthguards 

Shock Doctor Mouthguards from McElhinney & Breha Orthodontics
Shock Doctor Mouthguards from Breha Orthodontics

During treatment: 

We offer SHOCK DOCTOR mouthguards to wear with braces. These offer essential protection for athletes with braces, and is specifically designed to conform to upper brackets for instant comfort and prevention of lacerations. Made with 100% medical-grade silicone (DO NOT BOIL), it adapts to changes in mouth structure as teeth adjust. Available in strapped or strapless versions.

After Treatment:  We offer SHOCK DOCTOR mouth guards in a variety of colors to wear after your braces are off. The Gel Max mouth guard delivers essential protection and comfort with a convertible tether that allows the mouth guard to be used strapped or strapless. This triple layer mouth guard provides a universal fit for all ages.